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About Masqué

Adriana Pedroso, designer of the brand of luxury women's shoes Masqué, officially launched the brand in May 2010 with the goal of offering shoes that combine comfort, quality, art, and above all, chic. Masqué offers timeless character and handmade manufacturing, treating each shoe as unique, since all models are exclusively handmade with sophistication. The brand is 100% Brazilian and its target audience is independent and multifaceted women who work, do housework, care for their families, and still have time to go out with their friends. Therefore, comfort is its strongest ally. Adriana, the founder of the brand, is graduated in Industrial Design from Centro Universitário Belas Artes. After university the designer moved to London, where she discovered the footwear universe. It was in Barcelona that she became an expert, starting her long walk through the world of footwear fashion, which resulted in Masqué’s success. However it can be said that her mother, a personal stylist, was the one who influenced her passion for the fashion universe. During her trips abroad, Adriana takes the opportunity to improve her creations, always in search of new trends, sophisticated materials and innovative techniques to assemble the exclusive models that are part of Masqué identity.

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