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Retro Jukebox - Retro Line


990.00 €


Height: 151.8 cm / 59.8"
Width: 81.5 cm / 32.1"
Depth: 64.0 cm / 25.2"
Weight: 156.9 kg / 346 lb.
Power Supply: 117V / 60cps US version, other countries 100 - 240V, 50/60 cps


• CD changer available for up to 100 CDs (standard)
• Vertical arrangement of the CDs in the magazine
• High-quality Philips laser disc player for horizontal playing
• Stereo amplifier with automatic level control and electronic overload protection,
   power 2 x 55 watts RMS
• Six speakers in a three-way stereo system offer superb laser sound
• Four-digit LED display
• Microprocessor controlling all functions including credit and bonus steps as well as
   record plays and automatic memory of the top tunes
• Play stimulator playing a record in intervals between one and 98 minutes automatically
• Background music (BGM) by programming the control unit to continuous play with
   random selection of all songs
• Facility to cancel single tracks
• Memory of statistical data (e.g. cash box contents, etc.)
• Album play programmable
• Programming of two BGM intervals each weekday
• Connections for microphone, additional amplifier, external speakers, and output transformer
• Motor-driven paging system for 60 CD title cards
• Two info cards for additional 40 CDs (album play)


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